TyTEK-PROPERTIES is an easy-to-use suite of web based tools that enable Home Builders, Realtors, or Property Management Firms to easily connect with your clients. Publish Marketing Content, Community Information, as well Properties online with ease. No need of technical knowledge or programming skills as the easy to use administrative tools allow staff members to make updates to any webpage. TyTEK-PROPERTIES websites are 100% responsive and viewable on any size device.


Multiple Devices 



Simple Enough to create new pages in seconds. Robust enough to allow it to be done from anywhere. 

 Personalized Service

Best support and training in the industry, backed by 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

 Unique Housing Insights

Modules and Functionality built specifically for the Real Estate Industry by people who have worked in the industry. 



TyTEK-PROPERTIES streamlines the process of getting your information on the web so you can easily communicate with your clients and show then what you are about.


  • Enable your team to create and manage website content independently.

  • Quickly get your new Properties or latest marketing idea available online.
  • Use online forms so your customers can contact you. 






TyTEK-PROPERTIES provides simple-to-use tools for your entire staff to contribute to your web presence.

  • Update your site from anywhere at anytime. 

  • Built on the award winning Umbraco Architecture with a large community of support. 

  • You can worry about your content, we take care of everything else. 




TyTEK-PROPERTIES allows you to future-proof your web
presence to meet the emerging needs of your clients.

  • Invite your clients to go online.

  • Keep your website up-to-date.

  • Stay up to date with the latest technology.









 Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are the best way to showcase your work on your website. Photo galleries can be placed on any page with the ability to choose the size of thumbnails to display.

 Community Listings

Community listings can be placed on any page and can be used to list an unlimited number communities. Each community is listed in a photo gallery style rendering that gives your clients a quick overview of what communities you build in.  

 Property Listings

Property listings can be used to list an unlimited number of available homes. Each property is listed in a photo gallery style rendering that gives your clients a quick overview of what properties you have available. Easily set the status to let clients know if they are For Sale, Lease, Lease, or Coming Soon. 

 Property Search 

Property Search can be embedded on any page and allow website users to find the Property listing they want. 



Slideshows can be placed on any page and are used to showcase any images you would like. Options include the ability to set the height and width, the speed in which the photos slide, as well as the time to transition.

 Home Design Listings

Home Design or Floor Plan listings can be used to list an unlimited number plans. Each plan is listed in a photo gallery style rendering that gives your clients a quick overview.

 Google Maps Integration

An unlimited number of Google maps can be embedded into any page. They can be used to display a single location such as an open house or multiple locations such as a group of communities.


Calendar events are some of the most important pieces of information you need to share with your clients, With the Calendar module you can easily list one-time or recurring events all while integrating with Google maps to make sure your clients can find you.   



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