"We help butcher shops and meat processing plants, who often lack expensive tech savvy resources, collect cut sheets online using eCutSheet. This allows them to meet their customers expectations while saving time and money."



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 Receive Cut Sheet processing instructions online

 Receive Meat Bundle orders online

 Customizable to your process

 Easily Embed Guides into your existing website

 Automatic price calculation

 Unlimited amount of templates

 Keep up with changing technology trends

 Saves time

 Mobile friendly




E-CUTSHEET is an easy-to-use suite of cloud-based web tools that enable Meat Processing Companies and Butcher Shops to receive Custom Meat Processing Cut Sheet Instructions and Meat Bundle Orders online. Using our template driven system, you can create an unlimited number of Guides to receive instructions from your customers. Each guide is fully customizable to fit your process. As your customers navigate through the Guide, you can embed your knowledge and expertise into the system so your customers feel like you are right there with them, helping them make the best choice for them and their family. This saves you time and money by not having to sit with the customer as they make their decisions. This gives the customer a pleasant experience of not having to make decisions on the spot as they can complete the guide on their own while having knowledge about each cut provided to them. Cost can be added and calculated along the way so customers understand the impact of asking for any upgraded cut. E-CUTSHEET application pages are 100% responsive and viewable on any size device. They can easily be embedded into your existing website or function as a stand-alone application. 




  1. It pays for itself - E-CUTSHEET allows you to embed your knowledge into an easy-to-use guide for your customers. Take the amount of time you or your employees spend walking customers through filling out their cut sheet or answering questions. Now multiply that amount of time by their hourly wage. How does that compare to the cost of E-CUTSHEET? In addition, accuracy will be increased cutting down on costly communication errors.

  2. Meet Customer Expectations - In the ever changing world of technology, your customers expect you to be online. Meet their expectations while giving your company a professional feel. In addition, your customers can complete their cut sheet from the comfort of their own couch on their own time. 

  3. Low monthly fee - make budgeting easy with a consistently low fee. All software upgrades are included in the basic subscription fee. 

  4. No Contract - no contract required! It is your choice if you want to cancel at anytime. 



Per Transaction Pricing

We understand that business can be up and down. That is why we decided to offer a per transaction pricing plan. When things are going good, fantastic. If they aren't, then you don't have to worry about paying another bill. Basically, you only pay for what you use. Please contact us to learn more! 

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E-CUTSHEET streamlines the customer decision making process by capturing the Butcher's knowledge into a set of templates that customers can use when submitting processing instructions or online orders. 


  • Capture Butcher knowledge by building processing instructions templates

  • Customers can make choices by completing the processing instructions or orders on their own time, from anywhere.
  • Easily understand the financial impact of each choice by adding processing cost.   




E-CUTSHEET provides simple-to-use tools for your entire staff to access submitted instructions and orders. Different reports are available depending on what the need is. 

  • View submitted processing instructions and orders from anywhere at anytime. 

  • Access specifically formatted reports for different stakeholder needs.




E-CUTSHEET allows you to future-proof your web
presence to meet the emerging needs of your clients.

  • Invite your customers to go online.

  • Meet your customers expectations.

  • Stay up to date with the latest technology.






E-CUTSHEET saves time and resources by automating repeatable processes. 

  • Save staff time by spending less time helping customers make their choices. 

  • Customers aren't put on the spot with quick decisions and can make their choices at their convenience. 

  • Prevent back-and-forth conversions by having more information available online where customers can easily make the right choice the first time. 


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