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You shouldn't have to worry how change will affect your project, you should know.

We've all been there. As each project starts we are excited and feel we have a good handle on all the details. Then change happens. We have to update our spreadsheets, call the subcontractors, and haggle with the client and the bank on how much it will cost.

By the end of the project, your trying to figure out how to make the client happy while still making a profit.

Are you experiencing these frustrations:

 Things are on schedule and budget, then the client changes their mind

 Miscommunications that cause re-work

 Struggling to find time to input all your data in an overly-complex software app


We're ready to help you streamline your processes and handle change with confidence.


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 Building industry experience


 Over 20 years experience building and deploying software


 Proven Success

Proven Results from Dultmeier Homes Client Choice Implementation





 Built 25% More Homes with no additional admin staff.


In the last year, 96.6% of clients came in on or under budget

50% reduction in client conflicts


Average customer satisfaction concessions was reduced by $3,500 per build


General contractor estimated it saves them 2 hours per day of phone time


In project completion surveys, 90% of clients pointed to Client Choice as the greatest value

How They Use It



How is Client Choice Different?

Client Choice is Construction Management Software. But, it is different, and that's by design. Their are many software packages out there for construction management. Most focus on the building process and tracking all sorts of stuff. Client Choice is Client focused while still giving all contractors the information needed to complete the job. Client Choice doesn't have all the bells and whistles you will find in most construction management software. It has what is needed to streamline the process while having a successful project outcome. 


Home Designer/Builder Benefits

 Build more homes without adding resources

 Keep the home buyer on budget

 Move accountability to the home buyer

 Streamlined building process

 Increased communication

 Increased customer satisfaction

 Bid New Homes in minutes





Home Buyer Benefits

 Stay within the set budget

 Make home design decisions from the comfort of your couch

 Trustworthy and proven process of success

 Increased communication

 No last minute surprises

 Stay up-to-date on the build progress

 Get New Homes Bids in minutes





Ready For a Change? We Can Help.

It's time to take control of your process. Start using Client Choice for a smooth process resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increase profit margins.  

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Schedule a Meeting

No commitment meeting where we will discuss your goals and determine how we can best work to achieve them.


Step 2

System Setup

If you decide Client Choice is right for you, we work with you every step of the way to analyze your processes, setup the system, and give your staff the training they need.

Step 3

Increased Profits

Watch your profit margins increase and leave your customers more satisfied

"Client Choice allows our clients to make home design choices from the comfort of their couch and see in real time how it impacts their budget. It also streamlines communication between clients and the builders, and the builders and the suppliers. Client Choice drives our sales by giving our clients piece of mind and saving them time. It also allows easy communication with their bank and keeps the whole process organized and streamlined."

Annette Stahl

Realtor / Designer

Stone & Story Real Estate Group

Over the past couple of decades, customer behaviors have changed, and so have their expectations. Recent studies show that on average, Americans spend over 5 hours a day on their phones. With companies like Amazon and Shopify as popular as ever, customers expect to get what they want, when they want it. Gone are the days that you can can show a client the plans, they make a few choices, and several months later they are viewing their new home. Clients EXPECT to be part of the process and DEMAND to be up-to-date at every step. If a company can't meet these expectations, customers will simply go somewhere else. Client Choice and it's reimagined approach to Construction Management Software can help to meet the customers expectations. 

Client Choice - Construction Management Software

 Accessible by all stakeholders including clients, builders, designers, contractors, and suppliers

 Unlimited home templates and guides 

 Sign-offs for each stage of your project

 Change order management

 Custom Reporting

 People and Contact Management

 Budget Tracking 

 Project Scheduling

 Built-In Messaging

 Per Project Pricing so if you don't make money, we don't make money


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