CLIENT-CHOICE is an easy-to-use suite of cloud-based web tools that enable Home Designers and Builders to put the building options in their Home Buyers hands. Building a home can be an exciting yet stressful time for Home Buyers. Having an expert walk them through the process is a must. CLIENT-CHOICE allows Home Designers and Builders to capture their knowledge and choice options in an easy-to-use Homeguide for their clients. Homeguides are template based and reusable for an unlimited amount of Home Buyers. As Home Buyers go through the guided process, the captured Designer and Builder knowledge is available to the buyer as if they were sitting in the same room. The cost of the home is updated as each choice is made allowing Home Buyers to play with different configurations and understand the financial impact each choice has. CLIENT-CHOICE application pages are 100% responsive and viewable on any size device. They can easily be embedded into your existing website or function as a stand-alone application. 




Simplifying a Complex Process

Simplify the process by walking Home Buyers through a customized Homeguide created for their Home Design. 

 Personalized Service

Best support and training in the industry, backed by 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

 Unique Housing Insights

Modules and Functionality built specifically for Home Buyers by people who have worked in the industry. 



CLIENT-CHOICE streamlines the Home Buyer decision making process by capturing Home Designer and Builder knowledge into a set of Homeguides that buyers can use. 


  • Capture Home Designer and Builder Knowledge by building Home Guide Templates

  • Home Buyers can make choices by completing the Homeguide on their own time, from anywhere.
  • Easily understand the financial impact of each choice allowing Home Buyers to get the home they want, on a budget they can afford.   




CLIENT-CHOICE provides simple-to-use tools for your entire staff (including Subcontractors) to access the Home Buyers choices throughout the build process. This simplifies the communication process between Home Buyers, General Contractors, and Subcontractors. 

  • View Home Buyer choices from anywhere at anytime. 

  • Build Subcontractor specific reports.

  • Build phase specific reports. 




CLIENT-CHOICE allows you to future-proof your web
presence to meet the emerging needs of your clients.

  • Invite your clients to go online.

  • Meet your clients expectations.

  • Stay up to date with the latest technology.





CLIENT-CHOICE saves time and resources by automating repeatable processes. 

  • Home Designers and Builders save time by spending less hours in meetings with Home Buyers and Subcontractors. 

  • Home Buyers spend less time in meetings and are able to configure their home at their convenience. 

  • Everyone saves phone calls and meeting time by having the Home Buyers Choices readily available online. 


 Choice Catalog

Choice Catalog is a repository of all the choices that Home Buyers can make while building a home. Entered by Home Designers and Builders, the catalog allows choices to be placed into categories for better organization. Each Choice allows the entry of a detailed description, prices, and images so the buyer can get all the detailed information. 

 Choice Templates

Choice Templates are the building blocks for Homeguides. In a nutshell, they organize Choices into a guide for Home Buyers. Using the drag and drop interface of the Template Designer, Home Designers and Builders can pull Choices into a series of logical steps that Buyers must answer. Conditions can be added so that the Choices available to buyers is determined by their previous decisions. Sign-offs can be set to be required at any point. Once a Template is completed, it can be published and is available to create a Homeguide. Generally, a template is built for each offered Home Design.  


Homeguides are made available to Home Buyers to make the decisions they need to complete the home they want. Homeguides are based of of templates built by Home Designers and Builders. As Home Buyer go through the Homeguide, they may be required to sign-off on the choices they have made, as determined by the Template. As each choice is made, a running total price is updated so that the buyers can see the financial impact of the Choice they have made. At the end, Buyers are given a summary of each Choice they have made and total cost. Subcontractors may also be given access if they need to add input into Choice process. 


Reports can be used to view the Choices that a Home Buyer has made. They can be generated for a specific phase or for a specific vendor.  



Forms can be used to collect information from clients. Easily built using the drag and drop designer, published forms can be embedded into any website. 


CLIENT-CHOICE allows for 3 types of users. Admins, which will be the Home Designer or Builder. Clients, which will be the Home Buyers, and Subcontractors. Each account is managed and granted access rights by the Admin account. Each user can have contact information added so they can be easily contacted by other stakeholders. 


Messaging can be used to contact other stakeholders in the build process. Similar to email, the contact information of the Buyer, Builder, Designer, and Subcontractors are available so any issues that arise can be dealt with quickly. 


Dashboard is a quick summary of all activities that are happening. Easily access different modules with shortcuts. View Active Home Guides, Messages, Change Order Request, and User access request. Dashboards are customized based on the users access, as well as what information they have available to them.

 Account Management

Easily keep your account information up-to-date with account management.  



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